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Did you receive a mailing from us?

If you did, here are some of the typical questions we get asked, and their answers.

Is my card active?

Yes, every card you receive is active and ready to use.

Do I need to register or pay for this service?

This is a free program, you never register and you never, ever pay for it. It is available to all U.S. residents.

Why do the cards have different numbers on them but no names?

The cards have different numbers because they are designed to be used either by other family members or by friends/relatives of the recipient. Anyone can use the cards, which is why we don't put names on them

I received a pharmacy discount card from another company – are they all the same?

No, they are definitely not the same. There are imitators sending cards that look like our card (sometimes with hidden fees) but they do not offer the same level of service.

How do I get a discount?

Bring your card along with your prescription to the pharmacy and present it when you pay for your prescriptions. If your pharmacist isn't familiar with our program, please have him or her call 1-800-768-6007

Is my privacy protected?

Yes it is. As with all health programs, we do not record or store any personal information on your use of our program, including your name, address, or the prescriptions you purchase (you'll notice there is no name on the cards we sent you – they can be used by anyone).

I did not ask for these cards, why did you send them to me?

People request our cards from our Website and sometimes when they sign up for surveys or other promotions. We occasionally hear from people who are sent cards by mistake. We certainly do not want to send anything to anyone that they did not request. To remove your name from our records and prevent further communication, please let us know at our "Contact Us" page.

Have more questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions or call us toll free at 1-800-768-6007