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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my discount?

Bring your card to your pharmacy every time you get a prescription. The discounted price will already be programmed in the pharmacist's computer.

Do I pay for this service?

No, it is free.

Can I get a discount at my local pharmacy?

Yes, virtually every pharmacy in the US accepts this program -- from big chains to your neighborhood pharmacy.

How can this program be free?

Because we have so many users, and our relationships to the pharmaceutical industry, we have negotiated lower prices with pharmaceutical companies.

Can I use this discount with my current insurance?

People who have insurance should bring both their insurance card and the enclosed pharmacy card to their pharmacist and ask which gives the better discount. Remember, we give discounts on drugs that many insurance programs do not cover.

Is my privacy protected?

We take your privacy very seriously, and are prohibited by law from obtaining or selling any personal information based on how you use your card.

Can I get another card?

Yes, we'll be happy to send you one free. Just call us at 800-768-6007

More Questions?

Call us at 800-768-6007